Anderson Bean S3014 Tobacco Caiman Crocodile Belly

$659.95 Plus tax and shipping

Vamp: Tobacco Caiman Crocodile Belly
Top: 13” Tristan Kidskin (Goat)
Toe: DB (Wide Square)
Removable Footbed
DWS (Double Welt Sole Stitch)
Sole: Leather
Heel: AB 1 1/8” Roper
Full Leather lining
Hand Made In Mercedes, Texas


These caiman crocodile belly boots are for dress only. How they wear depends on how they are cared for. You can recognize these leathers by the more squared-off regular checks. The smaller checks the more flexible the boot and the less likely to crack. These boots can be made up in lots of ways, with the pieced foot, or the full vamp one-piece design that is more costly. Smaller checks should go on the fore part of the foot. Larger checks go on the heel counters. These leathers are unpredictable as to whether or not they will crack. The problem occurs when the leather dries or is deteriorated between the scales. This more flexible portion of the leather gives way as the more rigid scales “work against” each other. Many recommend using a small bit of conditioner on the finger, rubbing a very thin film of conditioner into the leather, especially between the scales after wearing and removing any dust or dirt. This is good practice for all reptile leathers. Alligator and crocodile take a high shine, and their hard finish holds a shine very well.

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"7", "7.5", "8", "8.5", "9", "9.5", "10", "10.5", "11", "11.5", "12", "13"


"B", "D", "EE"


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