Rios of Mercedes R9030 Rust Crazyhorse Reverse

$640.00 Plus tax and shipping

Vamp: Rust Crazyhorse Roughout
Top: 16″ Navy Wax Kansas
TK Toe
1-5/8″P Heel
Oxbow Sole
Chocolate Split Hippo Heel Counter
Handmade in Mercedes, TX.


This is the same leather as full grain steer but reversed with the flesh side out. Rough-out steer absorbs water especially through its larger pores. For longer wear select the rough-out that has a soft and pliable feel, with a smoother nap, not too loose-fibered and shaggy looking. Rough-out must be kept clean of mud and other drying ingredients or it will crack. A brass suede brush cleans it, though it spots easily and looks dirty because of its absorbency. Some rough-out leathers are silicone treated as part of its tanning treatment, making them water resistant.

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"8", "8.5", "9", "9.5", "10", "10.5", "11", "11.5", "12", "13"


"D", "EE"


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